What can I do to upgrade my brakes on my kx500?

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What can I do to upgrade my brakes on my kx500?

Post by Sandblaster » Mon May 15, 2017 12:48 am

What can I do to upgrade my brakes on my kx500?
I get asked that question many many times..
So what can you do?
Assuming that your master cylinders are in good working order here is what I tell people.

1. Get some after market rotors...
The KX500 rotors were junk... They cut so many slots in them that the pads can't grip the rotor.
Just about any after market rotor will work but I really like the EBC and Galfer products.
A oversized rotor in the front is really good.
270mm is the sweet spot for most people but I really like the 320mm rotor for one finger brake action.

2. Get some good pads. Again, Galfer and EBC make great products.

3. Disassemble your calipers, clean, and replace the seals if required.
Again, I see this all the time... There are two seals in your calipers per piston.
Over time a gooey sludge builds up between the seals and causes major stiction :o
If the pistons are steel I like to polish them before I install them.

4. Stainless Steel brake lines... Makes a huge difference on the action.. Yes, again I like Galfers.
Old brake lines expand as you apply the brakes.
It will make your brakes mushy..

5. Motul 5.1 or equal fluid...
If you go to the effort of cleaning up your brakes you might as well use a good fluid.

6. Make sure your brake linkage and petal are in good working order.
A little grease on the rear brake lever pivot shaft can go a long way to fixing you up.

7. The front brake lever should operate smoothly.
A nice set of ASV levers is always cool :geek:

8. Bleed those brakes.
If your bike has sat a while, it's likely that they need a little attention.

There has been some that have replaced their front brake master cylinder with a newer Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, or Suzuki Master cylinder. IF your master cylinder is junk sure, why not. But if the stock master cylinder is good it will work as good as anything newer excluding Brembo brakes.. Brembo's are sweet.

ride it..
If bikes are for kids I'll never grow up.

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