CR500 MSV Racing Dual Source Coils in Series Mod

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CR500 MSV Racing Dual Source Coils in Series Mod

Post by Sandblaster » Fri Sep 08, 2017 2:12 pm

Posted on Facebook by Jason Meyer...

We are once again back to people wanting information on how to do the MSV Racing Dual Source Coils in Series Mod. Here is the tutorial and some pictures to help you complete this neat high performance upgrade on your CR500 stator.

MSV Racing Jason Meyer- Dual Source Coils Mod Tutorial

Much better spark at kicking speeds which aids in starting. Especially effective if you get stuck on a hill etc. and can't give the bike the full boot to restart.

Quicker rise to maximum voltage at CDI providing stronger spark through the RPM range.

Stronger spark lets you run a wider spark plug gap if you want.

Due to the much stronger spark, I believe this mod allows you to lug the motor down to a lower rpm without stalling.

Ideal mod for high compression, Methanol or NOS.

Parts Needed-

2-25mm M4x.07 screws
2-M4 lock washers
1-…/honda-cr50 ... coil-p-116.…
Fine wire rosin core solder
Optional- Tinning fluid (I don't solder without it)
1" Heat shrink tubing or electrical tape if needed (I used both in incoming wire loom)
3 small zip-ties

Tools Needed-

Drill press or hand drill if you're good.
#30 drill bit
M4 .07 Tap
Soldering Iron
Philips screw driver
wire cutter/strippers

Pulse Gap is set at .012"
Plug and Gap BR8EIX @ .030"

Simply unsolder the wire on the bottom of the original source coil. Route it nicely to the top of the new 2nd source coil. Cut off excess wire length, strip wire and solder it to the top of the new 2nd coil. Take the piece of wire you cut off and route it similar to the picture to attach the bottom of the 2 source coils. Strip wire and solder. Done and congrats!

21317737_1662840857084008_4471837716656506196_n.jpg (38.57 KiB) Viewed 3972 times

21369642_1662841060417321_8615673824057273593_n.jpg (58.06 KiB) Viewed 3972 times
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