Christopher's KX500 Supermoto build.

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Re: Christopher's KX500 Supermoto build.

Post by Christopher » Fri Sep 02, 2016 6:45 pm


After a new job and I'm back to building.

Purchased -
- Horn, something cheap and loud off of amazon.
- Flasher relay - Carchet Flasher off of amazon, only one works as expected.
- Fuse box - MIC Tuning MIC-CFB-004-1
- Shorai Lithium-Iron Battery LFX14A2-BS12
- Keyed ignition/kill switch - Key Ignition-OZG-1
- Pro Moto Billet Kickstand
- Works connections frame guards.
- Exhaust O-rings, muffler dampers, seal for expansion chamber to silencer -
- V-Force 2 Reeds - OEM-Cycle store on ebay. :)
- 10mm spacer for reeds - Moose Racing Torque Spacer Kit - M560-10-200 off of ebay
- Silencer, Pro Circuit 296
- Materials to build battery box - going with fiberglass.

Progress so far:
- Tested out all of the electronics and have routed the wiring harness and am still making up some of the connections, some are being soldiered some are using barrel connectors.
- Sent the kickstand to brother-in-law to have it shortened.

Up next:
- Build switch plate for ignition switch
- Build battery box
- Finish wiring
- Find a new expansion chamber.
- Find some better flasher relays.
- Get exhaust installed.
- Flush the brake fluid and replace with Motul 5.1
- Jet the carb.
- Get it inspected, registered, and ride. I guess maybe I should buy some riding gear first, though I've had a couple jackets donated so far.

Couple questions:

1. Can anyone recommend a flasher unit for LED turn signals?
2. I'm wanting to upgrade the factory expansion chamber, any suggestions?
3. The rear brakes are quite, uh awful, at the moment - my intentions are to drain the fluid, take it all apart, clean and re-assemble. I read a thread on kxriders about brake fluid, in the discussion someone mentioned using compressed air to blow the pistons out of the caliper. Is this the best way? Also, are there any other seals/parts I should replace while rebuilding?

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Re: Christopher's KX500 Supermoto build.

Post by Sandblaster » Sat Sep 03, 2016 1:21 am

1. call the guys at They are awesome for Sm stuff.
2. For a Supermoto pipe Pro Circuit 2 as it makes the best power from mid to top end.
3. Read this viewtopic.php?f=40&t=948
I would get new seals and depending on what the piston looks like I would replace it as well.
A stainless steel braided brake line will also help.
Also, a longer rear brake lever gives you more leverage over the brake mechanism... Read this
Ignore the first part and the dual caliper. It's not worth the money or time unless you get a better master cylinder for it.
Skip to page two and then 3 to get the info on the KX250F rear brake lever 8-)
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