KLR650 Service Specifications page

KLR650 Kawasaki Measurements, Specs, pics
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KLR650 Service Specifications page

Post by Sandblaster » Tue Mar 12, 2013 5:39 pm

KLR650 Service Specifications page

Engine Specs

Connecting rod
Side clearance New .25-.35mm or .010-.014" Service Limit .6mm or .024"
Radial Clearance New .008-.020mm or .0003-.0008" Service Limit .07mm or .003"

Crankpin to flywheel tolerance
Cold .093-.122mm or .0037-.0048"


Claw thickness NEW: 4.4-4.5MM (.238-.244") Service Limit 4.3MM (.169")
Guide pin NEW: 5.9-6.0MM (.232-2.36") Service Limit 5.8MM (.228")
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