A special thanks to eBay!

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A special thanks to eBay!

Post by Sandblaster » Thu Oct 15, 2015 5:48 am

For sellers that really try hard to do a good job for their customers, eBay can be extremely frustrating.
Without a doubt, sellers are a low priority.
1. eBay
2. eBay
3. eBay
4. Customer
5. Seller
For instance, eBay has decided that they do not like their old picture sizes for their ads.
So, what do they do?
They delete all the pictures that they do not like.
Keep in mind that the original picture sizes were dictated by eBay in the first place.
For us that means we have many thousands of ads with no pictures... Nice....
People do not buy without a picture.
So now we get to spends hundreds of man hours fixing the ads by uploading the pictures again.
The bad thing is, eBay could easily have transitioned to the new picture sizes and left the older pics alone.
Instead they deleted them.
Thank you eBay :roll:
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