KX500 Clutch plates, what to use?

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KX500 Clutch plates, what to use?

Post by Sandblaster » Sat Jul 31, 2021 3:51 pm

KX500 Clutch plates, what to use?

I use Tusk plates.
Tusk only makes one kit for the KX500.
They do not offer the Competition kit for the KX500.
However, you can order the Tusk Competition kit for the 06-18 KX450f and they are a perfect replacement.
The 450 springs will not work but the plates fit perfect.
So, order the kit that does not have the springs in it.
Part Number: 1635280031
Manufacturer Part Number: TAC-158
You can order Tusk heavy duty clutch springs for the KX500 separately.
Unless you are running 65+ HP at the rear wheel you don't need heavy duty springs.
You can run 50% heavy duty and 50% stock springs.
Another trick is to add a bit more pre-load on the stock springs by adding a washer on each spring.
If your engine is 60HP or less, the stock springs will be just fine.

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