Steve Parris Concepts Induction Crank Review.

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Steve Parris Concepts Induction Crank Review.

Post by Sandblaster » Tue Nov 12, 2019 3:53 pm

Steve Parris Concepts Induction Crank Review.
At various points over the last two years I have hinted at the Turbo cranks potential..
But before I tell the tale, Steve Parris who owns the patent on the turbo crank calls it a Induction Crank so I will respect his products name.
When Steve approached me about doing a Induction Crank I admit that I was skeptical.
After all guys have tried them for over 30 years and most have said that they do not work.
My first attempt at a Induction Crank in a KX500 lost 7 HP.
After posting my results at other forums I received a lot of negative responses, mostly from a few individuals who could not wrap their head around the theory and had nothing better to do than be a internet Troll.
I'm the first to admit, I wrestled with the idea for several months before I came up with a few questions for Steve.
I won't say what the questions were but think about what induction does.
If a engine is inducted it should be doing certain things.
So I called Steve and discussed with him my thoughts.
Steve confirmed what conclusions I came to so I figured that it had merit.
After loosing 7 HP I was disappointed but I admit that I am somewhat stubborn and kept at it.
When Jason Tanner from JT Engine works and I did a KX250 and gained 6 HP and a greater rpm range I had to know why we lost HP on the 500.
Well, we have now gained some good HP on the 500.
On our current configuration we gained 11 RWHP over a stock 500 and it pulls hard from 2200 rpm to 9200 rpm.
What we have learned on this engine is showing us a path to even greater gains so stay tuned and watch for the Motocross Action Magazine featuring the KtX500e in the shoot out with Adam MillAr's beautiful CR500 powered conversion and see what the Editor Daryl Ecklund thinks of this current induction crank configuration.

As a side note... Jason Tanner will be offering a Induction Crank as part of his business services at JT Engine Works.
So stay tuned for details.

PS. To make the induction crank work requires the right porting, case mods, head cut, crankcase mods, pipe, jetting, ect. It's part of a complete system. After I get my next version done I will be posting the dyno results

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