What HP should my KX500 make?

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What HP should my KX500 make?

Post by Sandblaster » Sun Jul 26, 2020 2:49 am

What does a completely stock KX500 make at the rear wheel on our dyno?
Finally we have some base numbers to see exactly what various products and engine configurations can do for us.
Of the 3 runs shown, the first is checking jetting on the main.
The 2nd is to see where the needle was so that is why the hp numbers are so low.
The 3rd was after we moved the needle 1 clip up and went down 3 sizes on the main.
Just goes to show you how much hp can be gained or lost through jetting.

115928872_3283865034993253_6006174608607440169_o.jpg (170.3 KiB) Viewed 1708 times

Jetting can and will vary depending on all the variables.
So, I don't recommend these specs unless you do throttle chops and read your plug to make sure you don't burn it up.
Main 158,
Needle 2nd clip N82M,
7 slide,
52 pilot.

Temp 80f
We tan it in with a AFR gauge
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