SR500 head and random info

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SR500 head and random info

Post by Sandblaster » Thu Oct 22, 2015 3:22 am

The u.k sr500 90-91 perimeter frame had new separate cast head with 2 inlets at rear this was changed to inlets at front with same casting but machined inlets , In Parallel rads
In European Grand Prix kx500 cooling was a problem all factory and semi factory bikes went to in parallel cooling like the 90 onwards kx250
So you have the Sr500 perimeter frame and sr500 / kx500 non perimeter frame I.e Thorpe 90 perimeter, Malin 90 non perimeter and vice versa for 91
The factory khi bikes over here from 90 onwards had the cylinder inlet at the rear with the side closed off again like 90 kx250 2 inlets on head and parallel rads , 2 outlets on water pump.
Maybe because we did not have the massive u.s tracks for cooling but in stock config std kx500 system was no good
for Grand Prix , The U.S Sr500s had the rads pushed out on spacers i believe which made the rad cowls looked flared out
There is a tendency to call the 90-91 perimeter framed 500s Sr but not the kx500/sr500 non perimeter because the Sr500 in 1990 was for Dave Thorpe only this name has stuck to that model and the 91 Malin Sr500 , Even though we had the SR500/kx500 non perimeter as well .
My Sr500 is non perimeter , KHI hand assembled Tig welded frame . Ex Kawasaki U.K bike which was the KHI 500GP Team
Its is thought the 2 inlet kx500/sr head was modified stock not a new casting .
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